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We are a “Realtor friendly” company and encourage our clients to seek the advice of a good Realtor. Realtors and Real Estate Agents always will have a good pulse of the local Real Estate Market. We know you might have “Buyers/Investors” that are currently in the market for good opportunity. We want to offer our services to you so you can get a finder’s fee as well.

We are always looking for different opportunities to bring value so if you have any “pocket listings” or “off-market” properties that could satisfies the needs of our “Buyers” and your “sellers” please send them to us as well.

Your Finders Fee is to be added to the wholesale price of the property being offered. Because these properties are at deep discount there is plenty of “spread” to add on a Finders Fee.

Ex) $100,000 – Our wholesale offer price

+5,000 – Realtor (buyer finder’s fee you decide this)

$105,000 = The offer price to your cash investors (Your Finder Fee will be paid at closing.)


We  are local investors who buy any property in  any condition with cash. If you have any unwanted property you want to get rid of, we can help. Our desire is to help make your life easier by making that transition simple and hassle free.

We understand everyone has a unique situation. We will guide you through the entire process and all information you provided will be kept private and confidential.

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